Tang-e chogan

Tang-e Chogan is a gorge near the city of Bishapur in Kazeroon. The Shapur River originates here and unique Sassanid kings  bas reliefs  like those in Bisotun and Naqsh-e Rustam are found here. The famous Shapur cave and the beautiful statue of Shapur are located among the western walls of the gorge. Five villages of Tang-e Chogan along with gardens and crops fields are located in the plain between the two mountains.

* Rural and Nomadic Tourism Center of Tang-e Chogan:

Our goal is to create a warm and intimate environment for tourists to enjoy the features of the area. We are very pleased to meet friends all around the world.

* Self Introduction:

We are a Qashqai tribal family sharing our living in the safe and peaceful environment of the Tang-e Chogan with travelers to the area. We look forward to your visit…

* What can we do:

We can plan for your trip from all cities and areas. You can be sure that we provide a very nice, friendly and intimate environment.

Our tourism center has 7 suites with private bath and toilet, a rural home and several tribal tents and is located in the Tang-e Chogan Darreh Shuri village. We provide great traditional and local food

* Camping and tour

You can call +98-917-4747-737 at any time.

We are also on WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagarm

Instagram: Tch.Tourism.Center

1-Director of Ecolodge is here all 24-hour of aday

  1. Room cleaning is done daily
  2. seven suites and a rural house can be book
    4 – The residence is open. 24 hours of a day and 365 days a year